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Car Wrapping

Transform your vehicle with a color change wrap!

Wrapping is a way of changing the look of your vehicle, aircraft, or boat without the need for a complicated and potentially expensive paint respray. It involves completely or partially covering your vehicle with a vinyl film. A wrap may also be known as a vinyl wrap, color change wrap or paint protection film.



Why Do You Need Window Tinting ?

Adding window film creates a custom look for your vehicle. Tinted windows reduce the car’s interior temperature by 60 percent or more, which decreases interior fading or cracking. Tinted glass blocks UV-A, UV-B and infrared rays that heat up a vehicle.By blocking 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, window tinting helps limit dangerous sun exposure to the vehicle’s occupants.

Paint Protection

Stealth or Ultimate Plus

Plus Paint Protection Film Xpel is a satin urethane layer that protects vehicles from everyday damage including scuffs, scratches, chips & more. Stealth can be applied to both factory gloss …

Ceramic Coating

All Nanopro Ceramic Plus coating installations will be confirmed and registered with Carfax to preserve vehicle value.


Essential to a new look

As Authorized Retailers for Most All your Wheel Manufactures, we are able to provide the highest quality products and a most competitive price. From Fully Customize Forged to Cast Aluminum Wheels, we have you covered. Our service and quality is always guaranteed because we are authorized dealers and installers!


Auto Detailing Packages

A comprehensive detail package restores your exterior and interior
as well as increasing the longevity of your vehicle. Exterior detailing includes wash, wax, polishing, clay bar treatment, and exterior polishing for your finish. For the interior, we provide hot water extractor fabric cleaning, vinyl and leather washing, and protection treatment

Visit Exotic Wraps in Boca Raton, FL for the best car detailing services. Our expert detailers restore vehicles like new with the most advanced car care techniques. We hand wash, wax, polish, vacuum, clay bar, condition, and more! 

Clar bar & wax detailing packages at Exotic Wraps